The Cover For BEYOND THE STARS 2 Has Arrived!

BTS2 Ebook CoverHey, everybody! So if you’ve been following me the last month or so, you know that I was drafted to provide a story for Beyond the Stars 2, an anthology produced by the uber-talented Patrice Fitzgerald. Yesterday the cover for the ebook was released, and holy cow, it’s pretty spectacular! (Click the image for a larger version.) Here’s the blurb:

Space opera. Big, sprawling sci-fi stories that encompass strange new worlds, alien life forms, and deep space battles. On the heels of the bestselling DARK BEYOND THE STARS anthology comes another collection of spectacular tales by eleven authors both well-known and brand new. Take a journey across the galaxy with these short stories and go beyond the stars to a planet too far.

Pretty awesome, right? My story is called “Spike in a Rail” and I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. The anthology comes out on April 1st and will be priced at 99¢ for a limited time, so be sure to check in then for the link! Until then, be good to each other!