It’s Time For Another Sale On VIOLET

VIOLET SmallThat’s right, it’s that time again…

Hey, everybody! I hope the weekend was good to you all. As for this week, I have a Kindle countdown running on the VIOLET omnibus. You can get the entire series now from Amazon for only 99¢ when you shop now through Thursday. Here’s the blurb in case you need a reminder:

All Violet ever wanted was to be human. The people who created her wanted anything but. They sought to control her, to use her for their own selfish ends. When she escaped, they scoured the globe to find her. Now, with her family by her side, she intends to fight for her humanity with every breath she has. 

What started as a curious computer program declaring its sentience has become humanity’s last best hope against its own worst enemy. This is her story. This is how Violet learned to live.