Between Kings And Carnage Cover Reveal!

BKACWow, is it seriously June already? Can you believe we’re already almost halfway through 2016? Crazy!

And yes, I’m aware it’s been a long time since I’ve checked in. I admit, I’m terrible at updating my own site. In my defense, it’s been a crazy few months. My grandmother passed away in late March, and while it wasn’t entirely unexpected, it was still a difficult time, as you might expect.

Life goes on, of course, and after a few weeks I finally got back on track and have been working hard to finish up Between Kings and Carnage. The good news is that it’s now out to very select early readers to help me suss out any lingering issues, and then it will go live on Amazon sometime around June 17th. Even better, it now has this spectacularly awesome cover courtesy of Adam Hall of Around the Pages! Is that cover not insane? I think it’s pretty insane.

I’m incredibly excited to get this book out into the world. I know you all have been waiting for it, and I think (I hope!) it will have been worth it. I’ll have a post later talking more about the process and my experience writing in Ann Christy’s amazing world (spoiler alert: it’s been beyond incredible), but for right now I just wanted to check in and show you what will be invading your Kindle soon. Until then, be good to each other and don’t forget to leave reviews for your favorite authors!