The Powers That Be: A Superhero Anthology

powersthatbeThey walk among us. They are our friends and family, our neighbors… even our enemies. Individuals with extraordinary abilities. 

Some view their powers as a blessing. Others, a curse. 

From the marvelous to the mundane, each of the charcters in this anthology must come to grips with the burden that has been placed upon them. Some choose to do good for others; some retreat into more pedestrian pursuits, only to discover they can run from everything but themselves. Some find solace in simple acts; others glory in the grandeur of their exploits. Some want nothing more than to disappear permanently. Yet through it all, hope and humanity prevail in unexpected ways. 

Featuring nine super stories by ten amazing authors, this is truly an anthology of the extraordinary. 

(Proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Sickle Cell Clinic at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. Sickle Cell Disease can cause chronic, lifelong pain. Riley Hospital for Children provides a holistic approach to care for patients affected by Sickle Cell Disease, and also helps family members cope with the impact of the diagnosis.)