The Lazarus Particle

LazPar_cover… A movement in disarray.

… A corporate syndicate run amok.

… A discovery promising unprecedented power.

The galaxy is in turmoil. The avarice of the Sovereign Corporate States knows no bounds, laying waste to all who dare oppose them. Even the Coalition of Free Planetary Republics is ill-equipped to aid those who petition it for protection.

Enter the Fugitive, the Advocate, and the Huntrex. An unlikely trio, the secret they possess has the potential to free the galaxy… or enslave it. Can they be trusted to wield such unchecked, almighty power? Can anyone?

With billions of lives and everything the Free Planetary Movement stands for hanging in the balance, the protectors of the Lazarus Particle and their allies have no choice but to answer the call to arms with everything they have — no matter the consequences.