Between Kings And Carnage Has Arrived And Is Only 99¢!

BKACIt’s here! Between Kings and Carnage is live on Amazon and is less than a buck for the first week of its release!

Eighteen months ago, Ann Christy invited me to write an original novel set in her Between Life and Death series. Now, a little more than a year since starting in earnest, it’s finally available for all of you to read! Here’s the blurb…

Squire has ridden with the Thunder Kings since the beginning of the end. Together they’ve survived everything the apocalypse has thrown at them, but after five long years a new threat is rising. This enemy is deadlier and more determined than any they’ve faced before, and only a strange, stuttering girl may hold the answer to their identity. Can the Kings get ahead of the threat facing them, or has their reign finally reached its end? The answer lies within the pages of this thrilling companion novel to Ann Christy’s BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH series.

And what does Ann have to say about this? She’s called Between Kings and Carnage “a dark, awesome, beautiful addition to the Between Life and Death series!” I hope you’ll agree. And as always, I’d be grateful if you can leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads once you’ve finished. It doesn’t have to be long and they’re incredibly important to increasing a new book’s visibility. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Between Kings and Carnage!